Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Nasruddin in 140 characters or less

Since I was in the Land of Mullah Nasruddin I thought I would try posting a story a day whilst I am here (this was back in May)

"what is a traitor in politics?" they asked Nasruddin "Anyone who leaves our party to join another is a traitor." (pt 1 of 2)

"Well, what about a man who leaves his party to join yours?" they asked "well, he is a convert, said the Mulla “a real convert” (pt 2 of 2)

"That pain in your leg is caused by old age" the doctor told Nasrudin. "That can't be, the other leg is the same age & doesn't hurt a bit."

Mulla, what did you think of the sermon?" "Oh, It was OK" said Nasrudin, "Only he passed 3 really good places where he could have stopped."

Nasrudin is fishing "How many have you caught?" asks a passerby. "Well, If I catch this one that's nibbling and then 2 more I will have 3!"

Mulla Nasrudin sat fishing in a bucket of water. A passer-by enquired, "How many have you caught?" Nasrudin smiled "YOU are the ninth!"

On his 85th birthday Nasruddin was asked: "Don't you hate growing old Mulla?" "Oh, NO," he said "If I wasn't growing old, I'd be dead!"

"That election was fixed" challenged the defeated Mulla. "I know cos a friend voted for me fifteen times, but I only got 4 votes in total!"

Nasrudin lost the election & felt sorry for himself: "I am a victim"! "A victim of what? asked his friend. "A victim of accurate counting!"

I found a 'Nasruddin' story of the sweetest strawberry - dedicated to Pete in Mazar.

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