Thursday, 30 October 2008

Stories from the web October 08

Sian spent six years in Afghanistan. She reveals what it was like to be a female expatriate worker there while the Taliban were in control.    22nd October 08    Read More 

Persecution of Christians in Orissa is making national and international news. A CMS mission partner in India gives her personal perspective on it.    17th October 08  Read More 

Persecuted Christians start burying the dead but wonder if life will ever be the same
10th October 08   Read More 

  How the Church in China stepped up
Five months ago on Sunday, Sichuan province in China was hit by an earthquake that killed 70,000 people. CMS partners Asian Outreach acted immediately through their social action arm in China and despite persisting aftershocks have achieved some remarkable things. Asian Outreach director Francis Tsui reports,      10th October 08  Read More 

Societies often scapegoat immigrants for their own failings. Felipe and Sarah, who work with immigrants in Malaga, provide a useful corrective.     2nd Octber 08  Read More 

Saturday, 25 October 2008

wherethehellismatt Oct 2008

I have been inspired by a YouTube posting of an American, Matt Harding dancing around the world, doing his silly dance.  Originally he danced on his own in some pretty amazing places. 

His videos can be viewed on You Tube: 

But in 2008 with the support of Stride Bubble Gum,  others joined in the dance.  And cultural diversity is introduced - dancing Bollywood style and also  Dancing with the Huli Wigmen of Papua New Guinea

This has become a picture for me of mission, of faith sharing, of connecting people around the world with the 'Lord of the Dance'.   Whenever I have shown the video I've always seen people smile - it somehow has that feel good factor, registering joy   

His videos can be viewed on YouTube or on his website Wherethellismatt or in higher quality downloads they can be downloaded for free from the Stride Bubblegum's mattsplace

The one that really inspired me is Dancing2008

So why not watch it and see.  
What were your reactions as you saw the clips ? Post a comment ........