Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Asia Stories July 2008

Anglican bishops from Burma, in Britain for the Lambeth Conference, made a brief morning visit to CMS in Oxford  23 July 08 Read More 

Coping in a Middle Eastern country without enough access to mains or 'living' water — just two challenges facing these friends of CMS who must remain anonymous.
17 July 08 Read More

  The certainty trap
The upsurge in fundamentalism has its roots in a crisis of confidence in two world faiths, argues Bill Musk.
15th July 08 Read More 

  Tales of ordinary madness
Every culture throws up its own anomalies, psychoses and asocial behaviour. University chaplain Pam highlights a few recent Japanese newspaper items that have stopped her in her tracks     11th July 08  Read More 

  The walking wounded
Courage is far more common than is usually supposed. A CMS contact in Pakistan, who needs to remain anonymous, pays tribute to Christians enduring harassment but showing grace under fire.   3rd July 08  Read More 

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